I’ve found myself in the company of younger people lately and I’ve also found myself saying “well you’re younger so you probably don’t remember…..” OMG, seriously did I just say that?!

It’s not like I feel old, in fact I feel fit and energetic, it’s just that I seem to need to qualify things when I know the person was alive in diapers when I’m relating the memory. Or I don’t know if they know Mork and Mindy to know where my comedy training comes from. Or I don’t know if they’ve ever seen a reel to reel recorder that I thought was so cool as a teenager (still do.) Or I don’t if they know Michael Jackson made a 45 record of Rockin Robin long before he made those amazing videos.

And I don’t think that I need to feel this way, I don’t seem to be boring…

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before you know it!

April 16, 2013

hi everyone. it has been almost 7, yes 7 months since my last post. apologies life has happened. since my last update I have been loving a new job, moved house, moving more and eating less and oh and turned 40.

For those who know me my previous position was really stressful and although paid the bills with some change to spare. My new job has shown me life does not begin or end in the corporate world. The two man (woman) business can be just as rewarding, bringing with it new stresses but a healthier way of life. Hard work is ahead to make this little business a success but we can do this.

At the beginning of December 2012 we made a choice to move onto the same property with my parents in-law. A stressful move but not that we have settled into the new house I can say that for us this change has been only a positive one. For me it has created a great sense of community. I’m loving it.

I have been exercising 6 days a week, a day off for good behaviour and I finally found another dietitian to help me on my way. I have been trying to make each day count since the middle of January. I have some downs but mostly ups and since Jan lost 14kg’s. Little steps 🙂

Turning 40 has been the least stressful thing about the last 7 months. It was here before I knew it. I was expecting, wailing and gnashing of teeth but it (the day) came and went with a little celebration and a new perspective that has been 40 years in the making. This number is sitting easily on my shoulders as I don’t feel 40. 40. 40 roles off the tongue nicely. I have a sense of myself what I want and a knowledge that I have so much to learn about myself and the people that I surround myself. You included…

One thing I can say I have learned from the little time I have spent on this planet if you don’t go and do it, get it, move it..IT will be gone before you know it. Have a great day.

Grub club! For three years we have, almost every three months without fail gathered together to celebrate, the art of good food and great conversation. This gathering of souls happened by chance or fate or both.

The premise of our grub club is every three months or so we, gather together at a members home who has had the total freedom in choosing the three course meal composition/theme and decor. Yesterdays theme was an afternoon of Indian Spice.

This as usual was a gastronomic success. New foods were tasted and old favorites skillfully made. Our menu was sublime,

Starters were Popadoms; Samosas & Onion Bhaji

Mains were a smorgasbord of Naan, Dhal, Paneer and veg masala; Dry Potato Onion curry, Butter chicken and Balti Style Beef and rice.

Dessert ended our meal (day) off sweetly with Gulab Jamun; Coconut Laddoos and Chocolate Fudge Burfi. (apologies to the chefs if any of these are spelt incorrectly)

Other than great food. This gathering of people started out as friends but have become an extension of my family. We rarely get to see everyone outside of this gathering of people but each time we do I feel so lucky and blessed as I seem to learn something about myself each time.

Being human is a journey and a long learning experience. I am glad these people are along for the my ride!

Conversations with God

August 25, 2012

Family! I believe is the integral part of society, what make everything feel right with the world. No matter how your family is put together only mom or dad or two of one, sisters or brothers. Even those that you have chosen to be family, not by blood but by action. However it is composed.
The place to feel accepted no matter what. The only place where you can have the biggest fight and 2 hours later laughing about the memories of collecting super hero cards and throwing apricot pips into the road, playing in mud and stealing a swim in the neighbors pool. Long talks. Laughing and crying. The only place the abnormal feels normal.
My family are also the only ones that can get me to be having conversations with God promising that I will do better if only just this once everything will turn out ok. Dear God….

paris trip where to next?

August 12, 2012

My last post was in June just before I left for Paris! Aside from a few “boarder security” scenes before we even got on the plane which was delayed by a day. We had the best time in Paris. This trip was a very quickly planned and impromptu prize for being 2nd in my Bonjour French language class at work.

Brendon and I had the best time. I had been to Paris twice before and this was Brendon’s first. He (Brendon) is not a easy traveller, he often can not see the point as he has everything he could ever want right here at home. Something I am hopeing to wean him out of… 🙂 watch this space.

I don’t usually like doing the touristy things this time though this is exactly what we did. Anything that had a line we joined! I loved it. Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Louvre, Cafe’s, Disney Shops…..the list was endless.

I fell in love with the Louvre and Versailles, both ticks on my bucket list They both deserve much more time. A picnic in the gardens of Versailles will be on the cards for my next visit and at least 1 week of a everyday visit to go through each section of the Louvre! Both little surprises as I did not expect to fall in love with these places as much as I did.

If anyone can tell me what the name of this picture is called I will be eternally grateful. I have fallen in love with it and would love to get a better image.


We got home 12 days later happy to be home but with memories of eating way too much bread, drinking wine and having lovely walks along the river close to our hotel.

Now to plan our next adventure…… I have stars in my eyes I want to get back to America again save save save.

Before I go…..

June 10, 2012

I love the thought of seeing far away places. New ways of thinking, smells, food, people. So much so that I arrange to go see them…. I have been fortunate enough so have traveled to four countries in Africa, four or five in Europe and some states in America.

As always before embarking on this tick on my bucket list. Being a large women I have thoughts of dread. Have I packed enough? Have I packed too much! What happens if my bag gets its own itinerary and travels to far and distant lands that are not on mine? Do I really want to get on a plane and travel for thousands of kilometers for hours. Wedged into a snug economy seat. To be securitized by airport security on my arrival as if I am a criminal. Which inevitably makes me feel guilty even before they have asked any questions.

As I re-read this my thoughts are why do I do this to myself and a loved one, in this case my husband? The answer this close to take off is “not sure” but I’m sure I will once I get there…. Here’s hoping…..Paris here we come, hope you are ready for me.


Thanks giving….

May 26, 2012

I went to a “thanks giving” dinner at a cousin last night. We had a lovely evening and we ate heaps of delicious food and had wonderful company. What I have thinking about since we left our hosts is that everyday should be a day of Thanks giving!
We live in south Africa so this was our fist celebration, yes I know it’s not the correct time for this, but getting together with people we love remembering how grateful we should be for all the blessings in our lives

Nothing like

May 18, 2012

There is nothing like…..
-a good cry to make me feel better:)
-first morning coffee or tea that hits the spot
-stolen moments with the one you love
-that meal that you have slaved over and gets “can I have some more”
-finding a long lost friend
-being tucked in and cared for when you are not feeling well
-bubble baths
-sleeping in on a cold winter rainy morning
-freshly baked bread

Who is this person……

April 3, 2012

I have not been blogging for long.  So I have been getting a few people reading my posts, which surprised me a little.  It has been very cathartic for me, but did not think that what I said made sense.  Not to me at least.  So I went back to read them. 

I totally agree with what was said but what struck me was my total disconnect from the words and my actually having written them.  Who is this person who seems to be able to string a sentence together.  I was left with a sense of pride at the creation.  I’m no Shakespeare but this creating thing that is happening makes me feel good.

I am looking forward to more of my own incites…lol



So I am 39 starting today.  Although I have felt 39 since my last birthday go figure!  Anyway.  Hormones are up and down and on this day of my birth I feel sad and happy.  Thinking of the people who are no longer in my life (some not by choice, other by lack of interest) wishing I had had more time with some.  They had so much too teach me if I had only listened.

What did I want to achieve by the beginning of my 40th year on this planet.  I am not one for fame or fortune.  I like things peaceful like, with rushes of madness and these last 39 yrs have been peppered with that, sometimes more rushes than peacefulness.  I have been blessed to be with a man who adores me and I him.  We fit.  I have work that pays me well and food on the table every night.

“The more things change the more things stay the same” is a well know quote going around my head especially today.  I am itching for a change but in the back of my head there is a voice that keeps reminding me that what I change will be more of the same?

Anyway to all those celebrating on this 24th day of March.  Much joy! C